Ronin HP 11,5 mm Double Cover Rope

The Ronin HP Rope is a CE certified semi-static rope EN1891 with a sheath of Technora (aramid) with polyester markings, a second underlying red colored sheath and a core of polyamide.

Ronin HP rope was developed in collaboration with the rope manufacturer Marlow. It is a rope that guarantees you the best performance and optimal durability. Unique are the low elongation combined with the TechNora outer sheath with signal red inner wear indicator: so you always know when it's time to replace the rope. We can guarantee that this rope will provide the highest number of usage cycles and best performance.


- Excellent heat resistance

- Excellent abrasion resistance

- High breaking strength

- Easy to inspect - clear criteria for discarding

- Designed as the ultimate rope for Ronin Lift motorized winches


91m, 183m
(other lengths on request)


Material: Nylon core - Aramid cover
Diameter: 11,5 mm
50 - 150 kg Elongation: 2,8%
Shrinkage: 3,6%
Average Static Strenght with fig. 8 loop: 23,5 kN
Average Static Strenght ex. terminations: 51,3 kN
Weight: 93 g/m
Test standard: EN 1891

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