Marlow PROTEC 500 Rope 11 mm

The PROTEC 500 is an 11 mm rope with 100% Technora® sheath (= aramid), indispensable for all Rope Access professionals who need a positioning rope with excellent heat-resistant properties. The visibility indicators melt when exposed to temperatures above 250°C, providing optical and tactile evidence of high temperature exposure.

Ideal for use around hot pipes or welding. It also enables extremely fast abseiling without the very hot descender melting the mantle. Aramid is not only very heat-resistant (up to 500°C - decomposition), but also very tear-resistant and abrasion-resistant. The high abrasion resistance makes it a sturdy, very durable rope. It is particularly suitable for the Ronin-Lift winch with a 2-3 times longer service life.

Ideally suited for applications:
- in heat-critical environments (hot pipelines)
- Rope-assisted welding work
- in high friction environments
- in use with the Ronin Lift
- industrial rope access work

1 - black with neon hi-visibility Indicators
2 – black with grey tactcal Indicators (this version only on request)
3 – gold with red Indicators

50m, 60m, 100m und 200m


Material: 100% Technora® sheath / nylon (polyamide) core
Diameter: 11 mm
Average Static Strenght with fig. 8 loop: 24,4 kN
Average Static Strenght ex. terminations: 49,1 kN
Weight: 83 g/m
Test standard: CE EN1891, Type A

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